Monday, July 14, 2008


(Here is the first of many reviews that I hope to contribute to this little spot on the internets... what a great show to kick it all off!!!)

Toronto, ON, CA - When I heard that At The Gates was getting back together to play a "few select shows", I figured that I would be unable to check them out due to the fact that I don't live within driving distance to festivals such as Wacken or anything like that. As luck would have it, more dates in North America were released and (more luck) a Toronto date was announced on a day that I would be able to make the trek. Onward to Canada!!!

Toxic Holocaust: I arrived at the Opera House and within a few minutes, Toxic Holocaust took the stage. In true thrash fashion, Joel Grind and Co. rattled off about a half hour set. They sounded as good as they did when I saw them last year. Can't wait for their new album to come out!

Municipal Waste: The crowd had been warmed up and it was time to thrash it up some more! This time, with a little more BEER! I didn't partake in any inebriants unfortunately, but Toronto drank quite a few for me! The Waste did not disappoint... lots of energy and the crowd just became absolutely unruly. Again, a short set, but it was great nonetheless.

Darkest Hour: To play before metal legends is a very tall order. Especially a band which you get compared to constantly! Darkest Hour took the stage to a mixed crowd. The crowd up front seemed to be into them, but there were a few onlookers that were less than impressed. Personally, I've seen them so many times in the past that I was ready for the headliner to take the stage. DH were solid, but I found myself anticipating the main event.

At The Gates: It had been 12 years since At The Gates graced the stage in Toronto and right from the start, they looked like they had done this just yesterday! From the beginning moments of "Slaughter Of The Soul", I knew this was going to be a great show! Tomas Lindberg, arguebly one of metal's greatest frontmen, rallied the crowd with pumped fists in the air and was very gracious of all of our praise. At The Gates's set consisted of practically everything from every single release they have done in their career:

Slaughter Of The Soul
Terminal Spirit Disease
Raped By The Light Of Christ
Under A Serpent Sun
World Of Lies
The Burning Darkness
The Swarm
Forever Blind
The Beautiful Wound
Suicide Nation
All Life Ends
Blinded By Fear
Kingdom Gone

At the end of the set, we were all witness to a piece of metal history. A fitting end to such a legendary band!

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