Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey there! This is the very first entry in what I hope will be a long line of posts from yours truly, Metal Steve! I have had several requests from people for me to start some sort of (and I hate this word) "blog" sharing my thoughts on music, concert reviews, etc. So here it is... I shall start with a SHAMELESS PLUG!!!

That's where the magic happens every Thursday night on 88.1 WBGU FM!

Here's a list of some other programs that you might be interested in as well!

Monday: "Metal Storm" w/ Jimmie (8-10 PM)
Tuesday: "Hardcore Holocaust" w/ Alex (8-10 PM)
Wednesday: "Unretrofied" w/ Andre Alphus (8-10 PM)
Thursday: my show :) (8-10 PM)
Friday: "Call AAA..." w/ Matt (7-10 PM)
Saturday: "Metal Storm: w/ Jason (2-4 PM)

Every show is as different as the next! Check them out!

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